Italian language schools - Learn Italian in Italy at Cultura Italiana school

A.S.I.L.S.: Quality Guaranteed

- A.S.I.L.S. member schools are required to adhere to strict didactic and professional requirements.
- Each school has a permanent study center where Italian language courses are held.
- The prospectus published by the schools contains a detailed description of the courses and the various services offered.
- All instructors, chosen for their professional and personal skills, hold university degrees and have experience teaching Italian to foreigners.

Before departure:
- Students receive detailed information about the courses and the necessary prerequisites for enrollment.
- All course prices, number of lessons and services included are clearly indicated.
- Students requiring help in locating accommodations are given a selection of addresses to choose from according to their needs.
- Prior to departure, students are provided with their assigned address and a description of the accommodation.

During the course:
- Students take a placement exam to determine their language level.
- Students are placed into classes with a set maximum number. This maximum number of students is determined by each institution.
- The school's director is available to assist students regarding the academic program and can help resolve didactic problems that may arise.
- Progress in the student's language proficiency is carefully monitored throughout the duration of the program.
- The school organizes recreational, social and cultural events. Students are welcome to participate in these events during their leisure time.
- The school provides information about their city and region in Italy. Information is available to encourage students to participate in local activities.

After the course is completed:
- Students receive a certificate of attendance and/or description of the course attended.
- After completing the assigned level, students can choose to take an exam toverify progress and receive a certificate of proficiency according to the level.